Cheerleader of the Month: Sydney Davidson

From the practice gym to a stadium packed with 100,000+ cheering fans, Sydney Davidson has come a long way. This senior cheerleader at the University of Alabama has a lot to cheer about these days. Since joining the very first University of Alabama All Girl team her sophomore year, she’s cheered the Crimson Tide to victory in football, women’s ba
sketball, volleyball and even gymnastics. As if that wasn’t enough to get excited for, this year, Alabama’s All Girl team made its UCA College Cheerleading Nationals debut and took home second place!

I caught up with Sydney to talk about her journey and her experience cheering for one of the most prestigious programs in the country. She was so friendly and down to earth, that by the end of the conversation, she even had me saying “Roll Tide!”

What made you want to become a cheerleader?
It started at gymnastics practice when I was fi ve years old. There was a new all star team in town, the Cheer Zone Blazers. Competitive cheerleading was new at the time and hardly any teams had their own gyms, so they would practice at their local gymnastics gyms. Time after time I would see them practicing and I was totally intrigued. I begged my mom to let me give it a try, so she fi nally contacted them and the rest is history!

Were you always an all star cheerleader?
I was nothing short of a ‘gym rat’ during my time at Cheer Zone. I was at every open gym I could get to and even after a long day of practice it was hard to get me home. In middle school, I made the transition to Gym Tech Outlaws in Phenix City, AL, which later turned into ACE of Phenix City. I attended Northside High School, where I cheered on the football and competition teams and also continued cheering for ACE.

You must have been really busy! What was a typical day like for you?
I was at school all day and then would head right to Northside practice from 3-5. After that, I’d go home to eat dinner and do some schoolwork and then head to ACE around 7. That was my schedule three or four days a week. It was tough but worth every minute.

Did you always want to cheer in college?
I moved off to college with no intentions of cheering because Alabama only had a Coed team at the time and it was never in the cards for me to be a top girl. I spent my freshman year getting adjusted to college life while also cheering on an ACE open team in Birmingham. The minute I heard talk about an Alabama All Girl team, I was in the gym learning how to master some of those diffi cult college skills. I tried out at the end of my freshman year and three years later, here I am!

What is your favorite part about cheering at Alabama?
My favorite part is defi nitely football season. Our fans are so amazing; the love and support they have for our athletes and our tradition is overwhelming. I am so grateful to be able to put on that Alabama uniform for them.

For more of my interview with Syndey, download the Summer 2014 issue.