Team Bonding

Q: What are your favorite team bonding activities? My squad is looking for some fun, new ideas for the fall.

I love getting to know my fellow teammates because being close with them makes such a strong impact on the quality of the season! The typical pool parties, team dinners, putt putt and bowling matches are great ways to come together, but a special way my team bonds is by having “bigs” and “littles.”

Most of our bonding activities are centered around this relationship between a younger (little) and older (big) teammate. It definitely makes a large squad of 30+ seem like a much smaller, close-knit family. We’ll put together treat bags on game days, bring their favorite Starbucks order to competitions and make a consistent effort to encourage and uplift them throughout the season. During pool parties, we’ll even team up with our big/little and have an Olympic-style competition!

When it comes down to it, this relationship helps our entire team gel as a whole because we’ll always know that in a big group of teammates, there will always be at least one person to call friend.

– Abby Murphy