Camp is a great opportunity for you and your teammates to learn new material and improve your technique. While it’s easy to focus on how many new skills you master or how many awards you take home, don’t forget to keep teamwork a top priority. Teamwork comes naturally when there is a strong bond within the squad, and building team traditions at camp is the perfect first step to establishing that connection! AC wants to help your squad feel the love, so here are some fantastic traditions for your squad to start at camp this year:

  • New “Cheers” Resolutions – Before you arrive, work together as a squad to come up with five goals for your team to achieve at camp. Create goals that are attainable and will help start your season in the right direction. Write down a goal for every aspect of camp. This means that you should have one for cheer, dance, stunting, performances and team building. On your way home from camp, check off which goals you reached. It’s okay if you don’t reach them all; they’re supposed to be challenging! Then, make five new goals to begin working towards that will take your new camp skills to the sideline or the competition mat!
  • Don’t Hide That School Pride – Think of a creative way to make an entrance this summer. Make a flag with your school mascot and colors, and wave it proudly everywhere your team goes. Deck yourselves out from head to toe in school colors. Have fun celebrating your school spirit and show everyone why it’s great to be a
    [insert your mascot here]!
  • Bring It In – Come up with a fun team motto or chant to build everyone up before a performance. Some of my favorite memories from camp were of my teammates coming together as our coach and captains gave us a pep talk. Then, we’d put our hands in and break on “GOOO GAMECOCKS – FIGHT – WIN – TEAM!” Start your team motto at camp and take it home to use all season long.
  • Secret Summer Camp Santa – Who says Secret Santa only comes around in the winter? Put a fun twist on this gift exchange by secretly drawing names and bringing a small gift and note of encouragement to a teammate at camp. It can be a small present such as a Kit Kat bar with a note that says, “You’ve been working so hard at camp, you deserve a break!”

Remember that camp sets the standard for team behavior during the rest of your season together. The most important traditions you can start are respect, encouragement and communication. Being known as a team that is kind, humble and supportive is one of the best traditions that you can build at camp. As they say, “Teamwork makes the dream work,” so get started this summer!