Throwback to 1965: Cheerleading Boot Camp

bootcamp-anc2In honor of Veteran’s Day this week, America Needs Cheerleaders looks back at Bill Horan and an exclusive piece LIFE Magazine did on him back in September of 1965.

Bill Horan, a former pep squad member at the University of Miami and a World War II vet, spent his post war days yelling at young women who spent their time at his cheerleading boot camps. His favorite thing was yelling but Horan offered a lot more to the girls attending his boot camps.

Horan recognized early on that cheerleading instills positive character traits in young women as they learn and grow while participating in the sport. He liked to pass on traits that he learned from his time as a paratrooper as well: tenacity, discipline, and resilience.

Here is a scene from one of his camps as described in LIFE Magazine:

bootcamp-anc“Cheerleaders!” he barks. “At this school we separate the jellyfish from the real troopers. You — the girl who dropped a fork at lunch — you do 10 minutes extra exercise. And you on the end — are you chewing gum?”

“No, sir.”

“You’re not?”

“No, sir. I just swallowed it.”

As someone who recognized the benefits of cheerleading on young women, we applaud Bill Horan’s efforts as a cheerleading boot camp instructor and thank him for his service during WWII.

To read the entire LIFE Magazine article, click here.