Kneeling Rear Lunge

Start with feet hip-width apart, arms crossed over chest. Step back with your right foot, lowering into a lunge. Bring your right knee to the ground. From there, step your left foot back, bringing your left knee to the ground to come to a kneeling position. Quickly step your right foot forward to stand and return to start. That is one rep. Repeat the movement, this time starting with your left side.

Single Leg Sit Up

Start lying face up with legs extended, left leg raised a few inches off of the ground. Prop your upper body up on your elbows. Straighten your arms and press your torso up as you lift your left leg higher into the air. Return to start, keeping your left leg off of the ground. That is one rep. Repeat on the opposite side.

Push Up to Plank

Start on your knees in a modified push-up position. Keeping your spine straight, bend your elbows to lower your chest toward the ground. Extend your arms to press back up. Quickly place your toes on the ground and straighten your legs to come to a high plank. Hold for an 8-count. Lower your knees to return to start. That is one rep.