He… Could… Go… ALL… THE… WAY!!!

Just like that, your team has scored the first touchdown of the game! Before jumping back into kick-off, be sure proper end zone celebration is in place. No, we aren’t talking about the dance moves you might see in the NFL, we’re talking about getting your crowd involved and hyped up. Here are five ideas that your squad can tackle to create new touchdown traditions.

Rally Towel Rumble

Nothing is more satisfying than looking up in the stands and seeing a sea full of school colors waving in the air. Before every game, stand at the entrance and pass out rally towels to fans. When your team is close to a touchdown, go up in the stands and have everyone stand up, wave their towels and stomp their feet. The excitement of the crowd will help pump up your team to score.

Student Section Flag Runners

At each game, choose a handful of students to run your school flags in the end zone after a touchdown. You can even make it a competition by awarding the most spirited students the opportunity to run the flags. Not only will this bring extra hype to each touchdown, it will also increase school spirit in the stands!

Foam Footballs

Nothing gets the crowd on their feet more than free goodies! After your team scores, put up some stunts and toss mini foam footballs into the stands. The crowd will begin to look forward to it every game and go crazy when they see you building a stunt with footballs in hand.

Push up Mania

The home team scores, the crowd goes wild and the cheerleaders get down and start busting out push-ups. This long-standing tradition across the country may be in need of a little revamping. Instead of only the cheerleaders getting in their arm workout, encourage your student section, mascot and band to join in with you. Seeing everyone attempting to do pushups in the stands will make counting out those points that much more entertaining.

Victory Bell

What is better than the sweet sound of victory! All you need is a cowbell decorated in school colors to let ‘er ring after every touchdown. Get your mascot involved by having them go up in the stands and ring the victory bell across the stadium.