Hi readers! My name is Kaitlyn, and this is my second year on the US National All Girl Team. In college, I cheered on the small coed squad at Hofstra University, and I currently spend my summers teaching UCA camps for high school and college teams. Transitioning from small coed to all girl was definitely a big change, but now, I actually prefer all girl stunting! Last year at ICU Worlds, I was thrilled to win gold with USA All Girl. This year, though, we’re looking to hit an incredible routine that’s even better!

Yesterday, both teams–the US National All Girl Team and US National Coed Team–traveled to Cape Canaveral, FL to embark on a 2 week journey to represent our country and go for GOLD at ICU! These teams are comprised of the best athletes in the country, and I’m honored to be practicing among these amazing cheerleaders. Each year the teams are filled with more and more talent, and because there are athletes from UCA and NCA schools, the USA routines are an entirely new type of production.

This year, USA All Girl is going for its 8th straight gold, and Varsity.tv is here to cover our story. As our coach Tony Nash said, “This creates a great amount of pressure from the outside, but an even greater amount of pressure from the inside.” We’re looking to perform an incredible routine, and this team has the talent and the will to put in the work for it.

After our first practice, the coaches seemed excited to put together our routine. Even though many of us met for the first time today, there was a huge amount of support for each other from the start. When a stunt hit, everyone cheered, and if a stunt was fighting to stay up, the team kept us motivated to push through. It’s amazing what happens when everyone is not only extremely talented, but equally as encouraging to make those around them better.

Today, we worked stunts, baskets and tumbling. Tomorrow, we’ll add in pyramids, and by the end of the day, we will start creating our routine (something that most other countries take over a month to begin doing!). We are pressed for time, but the USA has what it takes to create greatness with our veteran coaches and an unbelievable support system behind us. This team really has no limits, and I can’t wait to see the routine that we’ll be performing in Orlando!

Keep checking americancheerleader.com for updates from me throughout this incredible journey! GO USA!

– Kait