Hey readers!

It’s Kait again, and the US National Teams are getting into training mode for the 2016 ICU World Championships next week. Our practice days are getting longer and our bodies are sore, but nothing will stop us from achieving greatness!

One of the most amazing things about USA Cheer is that our entire routines are put together in a matter of days – 10 to be exact! For the US National All Girl Team, the 24 women who will compete on the mat were selected less than 2 days after meeting each other. Most other teams choreograph, practice and perfect their routines over the course of a few months, but here we only have about a week and a half to go through that same process. We’re feeling right on track though because of our exceptional coaching staff and the team’s will to improve and support one another.

On day 2 of practices, we started running reps of our stunt sections. Our coaches worked on the “skeleton” of the routine, as Tony calls it, meaning that we know which type of skills will be at certain points (i.e, pyramid, tumbling), but we don’t know specifically what each skill will be. This is the most exciting part of training because we get to watch our coaches build the routine, and there’s still plenty to look forward to while practicing. They’ve been planning ideas for months, and we’re just as excited to learn everything as we are to perform it for all of you!

The routine begins with stunts, tumbling and baskets, all of which we’ve been working on. We’ll learn our big pyramid on day 4 and our dance by the end of the week. Our pyramid will be different from anything all girl has done in years past, but we’re excited to push the boundaries and put on a flashy but solid production! Finding out about a few surprises we get to show for the crowd has been one of my favorite parts of this year’s choreography. I can’t wait until the world sees this routine!

As much as I’m excited for everyone to see OUR routine, we are equally excited to see the routine from USA Coed. We don’t practice together, so we only hear what our friends tell us. From what we have heard, their pyramid and tumbling sections showcase skills we’ve never seen in cheerleading before. I hope we can sneak in for one of their run-throughs soon!

We have a long journey still ahead of us, filled with plenty of practice, sleep and mandatory ice baths. Check back for more from me as we GO FOR GOLD!

– Kait