Hi everyone!

We’re 5 days in to USA training and although the practices are intense, the creation of our routine and encouragement from our coaches are keeping us motivated for greatness.

Over the last few days, we’ve worked on the structure of the routine and assigned skills to unfinished sections. It’s hard to believe that we’ve gone through almost an entire routine’s choreography in less than a week, but as each part comes along, the team feels better about where we are and what we can accomplish.

Even after setting most of the sections, changes are constantly being made and everyone has to stay focused to make the right adjustments. This requires a lot of patience from both the team and coaches, but when a section finally comes together, it’s that much more rewarding. We’ve worked on our ending pyramid for much of the last few days; it’s finally set and we’re ready to get our reps in!

After nearly a week of double practices, we’re anxious to learn our dance and hear our music. USA Coed finished their routine counts yesterday, so they just received their music. After hearing a small preview, I can tell you that it is INTENSE and it’s going to completely rock the HP Field House next Friday! The music alone is so well done that it makes you want to perform full-out no matter what you’re doing. All Girl is beyond pumped to get our music and start rocking our routine as well.

It’s crazy to think that tomorrow we’ll be just a week out from competition, but I know we’ll be ready. This team not only works hard at hitting our skills but also makes a dedicated effort to boost team morale. We’ve realized that if we stay positive together that anything is possible!

Catch up with you soon!

– Kait