There are little eyes upon you, and they are watching night and day. There are little ears that quickly take in every word you say.

It might be hard to remember, but once upon a time you were that little one, looking up to the cheerleaders on the sidelines and hoping that one day you would be in their shoes.  You would attend all the clinics, practice all the cheers and watch in wonder when they built even the simplest of stunts.

But now you are older and you have become that cheerleader that you looked up to for all those years. What would you say to that little kid that is waiting to grow up to be just like you?

Never give up. There might be a time when you don’t make the squad or you are not seeing the results from your hard work at practice. Remember, the work IS worth it, and hard work beats talent every time. Never give up on your dreams. Getting up and trying again and again will build your character and give you strength that will spill over into every aspect of your life.­­

There is only one YOU. Whenever you step into a tryout, game, competition or a classroom at school – remember that no one can be a better YOU. When you compare yourself to others, you will start to think you can’t make the team or won’t pass a test. But when you believe in yourself, you will gain a confidence that is contagious to everyone around you.

The journey is the best part.  Trophies and medals are great accomplishments, but the greatest joy comes in the journey that got you there— the early morning practices, the car rides to competitions and the late night sing-alongs in your dorm room at camp… This is when your teammates become lifelong friends, don’t miss these moments.

You are setting an example every day in all you do; for the little kid who’s waiting to grow up to be like you.